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Men's Conference

Registration by mail:


Deadline: Jan 20

Online Registration: $23.00

Deadline: Jan 25


2024 Men's Conferrence Logo 1.png

Do the words of the late Jerry Bridges shock you when he writes, “Godliness is more than Christian character. It covers the totality of the Christian life and provides the foundation upon which Christian character is built.”? Do you treasure godliness like the Apostle Paul does? He informed his spiritual son that “Godliness has value for all things” (1 Timothy 4:8). Godliness is at the heart and soul of living a life that pleases God.

The theme for the Los Angeles Bible Training School Men’s Conference is “Men Practicing Godliness.” The conference will be a wonderful     opportunity to understand what it means to be godly and how to practice godliness as a man who seeks God with all of his heart.

Join us!

2024 Men's Conferrence Logo 1.png
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