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Our Mission

The Los Angeles Bible Training School operates at the Bible institute level. We are not a Bible college, nor are we a seminary. We teach some of the same courses that are taught at a Bible college and at a seminary, but the level of our teaching is different. A seminary provides education for graduates students, while a college offers education for the high school graduate who is pursuing a college degree. At LABTS, our level of education is a step below what is offered at a Bible college.

LABTS believes the Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, is the Word of God. It is without error in its original manuscripts and is authoritative for the belief and behavior of the child of God. Our mission is to teach the Bible in a systematic and orderly fashion. The instruction is designed for the head (knowledge), for the heart (affections and emotions), and for the hands (action). Biblical truth is to inform the mind and transform the life.

​At the core of the mission of LABTS is the Bible. We like the name of our institution because at the center of our name and curriculum is "Bible." We are committed to teaching God's Word, which He has founded forever (Psalm 119:152).

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