2020 Men's Conference

It is wise to take time to check on your spiritual health. Praise God that His word provides tests and insights to determine how we are doing in our walk with Him.

The theme for the LABTS Men’s Conference is “Spiritually Healthy Men.” Attendees will have the wonderful opportunity to diagnose whether their spiritual health is robust or weak. They will be challenged to respond to God’s word in order to be men who are spiritually fit and strong.



First Fundamental Bible Church


"Recognize the Need for Spiritual Health"

"The Sources of Spiritual Health"

Dr. Alex Montoya


Community of Faith Bible Church

South Gate

"Spiritually Healthy Men

Thirst for God"

Prof. Anthony Kidd


Immanuel Bible Church

North Hills

"Spiritually Healthy Men

are Quick Forgivers"

Dr. Nam Park


Baldwin Hills Baptist Church

Los Angeles

"Spiritually Healthy Men

Grieve over Sin"

Dr. Ronald Roberts


Fairview Heights Baptist Church


Conference Coordinator

Dr. Paul Felix

2008 E. 87th St., | Los Angeles, CA 90002

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