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541 Expository Preaching II

A continuation of Expository Preaching I.

540 Expository Preaching

A practical course in the methodology of preaching by emphasizing the step-by-step process of constructing expository sermons. The student is given the opportunity to build and deliver sermons.

Prerequisites: 440 Pastoral Theology I, 441 Pastoral Theology II

529 Christology

A study of the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Attention will be given to Christ’s pre-existence, incarnation, earthly ministry (as prophet, priest, and King), death, resurrection, and ascension.

528 Second Peter and Jude

A detailed analysis of II PETER and JUDE. Special emphasis is given to the structure, argument and message of II Peter with an additional focus on the uniqueness and similarities of Jude.

527 First and Second Thessalonians

An in-depth study of the apostle Paul's two letters to the Thessalonians. Attention will be given to the contribution of these epistles to the subjects of eschatology (doctrine of last things), ecclesiology (doctrine of the church), and to Christian living.

526 Parables of Jesus

A study of selected parables from the synoptic gospels, with an emphasis on following Jesus-Messiah in discipleship.

525 Christian Apologetics

Studies which identify false philosophies, provide Christian evidences and explain difficult passages.

523 Convalescent Ministry

Bringing hope to those in declining years and ministering to the disabled and shut-in.

522 First Peter

A study of I Peter, with special attention to the historical, doctrinal and practical aspects of this epistle.

521 Epistles of John

A careful study of 1, 2, 3 John with a view toward understanding its message to the church, both past and present.

520 Major Moral and Ethical Issues

A survey and discussion of the major moral and ethical issues facing this present generation. Emphasis will be placed upon biblical solutions and a Christian worldview.

519 Philippians

This course is a detailed study of the book of Philippians. The historical background and the message of this personal letter of Paul to the church at Philippi will be discovered

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